Scriptures which speak about the Bible

How did God’s word come to us?

What claim does Paul make about the Bible? II Timothy 3:16

What part did men have in writing the scriptures? II Peter 1:21

What happened when God spoke? Genesis 1:3ff

How does this apply to the scriptures?

What promise are we made concerning the Bible Is. 55:10

Purpose of Scripture

Name 6 things scripture is to do in these verses. II Timothy 3:15 - 17

What is the true source of Eternal Life? Jn 5:39

Scriptures help us to understand who Jesus is.

Why did John write his letters I Jn 5:13

What are we to crave? I Peter 2:2

What would happen if a baby never graduated from just a milk diet?

What is the effect of hearing the Word of God ? Rom 10:17

What else does scripture do for us? Ps 119:100, 165

What is the effect of the Word of God John 15:3 & Eph 5:26

What is the word of God able to speak to? Heb 4:12

What we are to do with scripture Ps 119:9 - 11, 105

What did Ezra and other Levites do with the word of God? Neh 8:8

Why is it important to make sure you understand the word of God?

What 6 things do these verses tell us about God’s word? Ps 19:7 - 11

What did the believers in Berea do with the word of God? Acts 17:11

What two things do the scriptures do for us? Rom 15:4

Is it good enough just to read and study the scriptures? Jam 1:22 - 25

In Lk 8:5 - 15 Jesus told the parable of the sower and the seed. What kind of soil is in your heart? Does your life prove it? Is there anything you can do to be more effective? (Hint : Ps 1)

Will be the basis of Judgement? John 12:47 - 50

Message of Christ is foolishness - I Cor 1:18

What do the following verses tell us about God’s word Is 40:8; Luke 21:33; I Peter 1:24, 25

What is the purpose for reading the Bible every day - Deut 17:18 - 20

What does Joshua 1:8 encourage us to do with the word of God?

How did Jesus feel about the Word of God? Mt 4:4

What does Prov 30:5,6 tell us about the word of God?