Holy Spirit like a dove descends on a growing disciple.
The Bible with a focus on the cross guides our life and growth

Welcome to people who want to learn and grow.

Growing Disciples website is here to encourage you to become the person God intended you to become. Becoming and growing as a disciple takes a lot of diligence and character building. The following material is here to help you in your spiritual journey.
I have created some discipleship material which is there to help you grow as a believer in Jesus Christ and to encourage you to reach out to help your family, friends and neighbours grow in their understanding of who Jesus is and how He loves us. Matthew 29:19 tells us that we are to "Go and make disciples of all peoples, baptizing them in in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit." That is what this website is about. The site is growing and new material and links will be added as I am able to develop it.

What's New:
My wife and I had covid (at 71 years old) and have lived to tell about it. Now many places are seeking to force everyone to get a vaccine shot. We believe that we have God given antibodies in our system and do not "need" and experiemental "for emergency use only" shot. I decided to look into the use of aborted baby parts for the production of the vaccines. Here is my concerned response.

My wife and I are creating Bible studies to help you grow in your love and understanding of the Bible.
Lydia's Matthew Study is here.
Names of God Bible Study questions only booklet.pdf
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